Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My product isn’t listed as a "qualifying product" can I still take part in this promotion?
A. Only products listed in the “qualifying products” section are eligible for this promotion.
Q. I have purchased a qualifying product but I do not have a qualifying trade in to return, can I still take part?
A. Unfortunately not, you must trade in a qualifying product to be able to take part in this promotion.
Q. How long will my reward payment take to arrive in my account?
A. Typically payments are made within 14 days of a claim being validated. You will receive email confirmation when your claim has been validated. Please allow up to 5 business days for bank transfer delays.
Q. I have not made my claim within 90 days of the date on my invoice or receipt; can I still make my claim?
A. No, unfortunately your claim must be received within the window of 90 days from the purchase date on your proof or purchase. We cannot accept any claims made after this period.
Q. How can I submit my receipt/invoice/delivery note to complete my claim?

A. There are two methods available to you for submitting your receipt/invoice

  1. Upload a copy or digital photo of your invoice/receipt during the online claim process
  2. Email a copy or digital photo of your invoice/receipt to from your computer or smart phone

Instructions of how to successfully complete your chosen method will be provided during the online claim process.

If you are unable to submit your receipt/invoice/delivery note using any of these methods please contact one of our promotional support agents who will be able to help you further.

Click here to view our contact details.

Q. Can I take part in this promotion and use a discount code?
A. No.
Q. Can I take advantage of two promotions when buying one product?
A. No.
Q. How many times can I take part in this promotion?
A. You can take part in this promotion up to a maximum of 25 times provided you make a qualifying eXact purchase from X-Rite for each trade in you return.
Q. Can I hand deliver my trade in unit to the recycler?
A. No, you must securely package up your trade in unit and send it to our recycling centre. Hand delivery will not be accepted. We recommend that you use an insured postal service to return your trade in as we cannot take responsibility for any returns which are lost, delayed or damaged in transit.
Q. I have received a revised valuation for my trade in unit which I do not agree with, what can I do?
A. If your qualifying trade in is revalued you will be notified of the fair valuation by email. From the date the valuation was sent, you have 10 days to accept or decline the proposed trade in payment. If no reply is received the valuation will be automatically accepted and processed for payment. You may elect to decline the valuation and have the trade in unit returned for a fee of €25 per device, payable before its return. If payment of the fee is not received within a further 10 working days, the Promoter will dispose of your unit.
Q. How will I receive my cash back payment?
A. If you are making your claim from the UK, you will be paid in GBP, if you are making your claim from the Europe, you will be a paid in Euro’s, if you are making your claim from Switzerland you will be paid in Swiss Francs, if you are making your claim from USA, you will be paid in Dollars and if you are making your claim from Canada you will be paid in Canadian dollars. The promoter will not held responsible for any bank charges related to receiving the cash back payment into your account.
Q. I have a question relating to my claim, who should I contact?
A. If you have any queries, please contact us by email at Click here for full contact details

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